At, we’re always exploring new ways to enhance efficiency and improve outcomes for law firms. Today, we’re diving into a strategy that can revolutionize how you manage billing and get paid faster—sending payment links via text message.

In the realm of legal practice management, getting paid promptly is crucial. Melanie, from, underscores the advantage of accepting credit card payments. Tools like LawPay and Clio Payments expedite payment processing significantly, often leading to payments up to 68% faster.

And now take that one step further. Imagine sending a payment link directly to your client’s smartphone via text message. By leveraging Clio, you can generate a payment link and seamlessly integrate it into a text message. This method taps into client preferences for quick responses, potentially bypassing the delays associated with emails or client portals.

Within Clio, managing bills is straightforward. Accessing and sending bills & payment links via various channels—client portal, email, and now, text message, empowers firms and gives them the flexibility to tailor their billing strategies to suit client communication preferences, ultimately aiming to expedite payment collections. Copying the payment link from Clio allows for direct integration into a text message. Melanie underscores the simplicity and effectiveness of this method, making it easier for clients to settle invoices promptly. 

While sending payment links text offers significant advantages, Melanie advises on practical implementation considerations. This method works best when applied selectively rather than in bulk, making it ideal for immediate client interactions where quick responses are crucial. Send the payment link to your client while on a call so that they can replenish their trust account and not risk a delay in their matter being resolved. Or, send a payment link via text to a potential client that wants to book a paid consultation while on the phone. By incorporating it into initial client engagements or direct interactions like phone calls or video conferences, firms can enhance client satisfaction and improve cash flow.

At, we’re committed to equipping law firms with cutting-edge tools and strategies. Whether it’s accelerating payments through credit cards or text message payment collection, our goal is to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency. Explore how these innovative approaches can transform your billing processes and propel your firm forward.

Ready to accelerate your payments? Contact today to learn more about optimizing your billing strategy with the latest technology. Let’s navigate the future of legal practice management together.